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Dr. Benson's practice emphasis is on treatment of glaucoma, diabetic eye dises, macular degeneration, dry eye, and other eye problems in addition to providing quality eye care to all ages.

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Meet Dr. Benson

Dr. Benson is both types of eye doctors: Optometrist AND Ophthalmologist. Practicing with the motto, "Caring for you, not just your eyes," he has been attending to his patients for more than 25 years.

Meet Dr. Benson at Eye Physicians of Lakewood

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FAQs about Eye Care at Eye Physicians of Lakewood

Maintaining Healthy Eyes

More than one million people suffer eye injuries each year in the United States. Nearly 50% of these accidents occur in the home. Most eye injuries can be prevented by using common sense and following precautions. Prevention is the first and most important step in avoiding eye injuries.

In the house

Household products can seriously burn your eyes if used improperly.

In the workshop

Objects can fly into your eyes and cause an injury.

Consider your child’s age and responsibility level when you buy toys and games.

In the garden


Sparks and fumes can ignite rapidly and explode.

If you normally wear glasses, be sure that your frames are non-breakable and fitted with safety polycarbonate lenses for playing tennis, baseball or basketball. Also make sure to wear the appropriate sports goggles.


Attend only professional fireworks displays. All fireworks can be dangerous to people of all ages.

First aid for eye injuries

Correct treatment for an eye injury immediately following an accident can prevent loss of sight.


Do not rub your eye. Lift the upper eyelid over the lower lid, allowing the lower lashes to brush the speck off the inside of the upper lid. Blink a few times and let the eye move the particle out. If the speck remains, keep your eye closed and seek medical help.


Seek medical help immediately. Do not attempt to wash out the eye or remove an object stuck in the eye. Never apply pressure to the injured eye or eyelid. Be careful not to rub the eye.


Immediately apply an ice compress to the eye to reduce pain and swelling. A black eye or blurred vision can be a sign of damage inside the eye. See your ophthalmologist (Eye M.D.) immediately.


Immediately flush the eye with water, using your fingers to keep the eye open as wide as possible. Hold your head under a faucet or shower, or pour water gently into the eye from a container for at least 15 minutes. Roll the eyeball as much as possible to wash out the eye. Do not use an eye cup or bandage the eye. Seek medical help immediately.


Prompt, proper treatment of eye injuries can save your vision. Seek medical help immediately if there is pain or any question of eye or vision damage following an accident.